SAKHI / Danish based with eastern roots

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I’m so excited to share this brand with you because for the last two months or so my skin has been so funky. Normally I don’t deal with breakouts on my face or too many blemishes or even rashes. I had sort of forsaken having nice, healthy skin until suddenly it wasn’t anymore.

I noticed that I had begun breaking out on the right side of my face. After one pimple I still wasn’t worried, after two I thought it was unusual but assumed it was stress related. After the third and then the forth I realized something strange was going on. I tried cutting out sugar, a good things to do even if you’re not having skin issues! The I went to more natural products like coconut oil for removing my eye make up and moisturing right before bed. Still the break its persisted and gradually migrated to the other side of my face! Yuck.

Feeling genuinely discouraged I saw a friend share about SAKHI, a Nigella based skin and hair line from Copenhagen. At first the minimal packaging got my attention (I’m a little vain like that) but then the natural and exotic ingredients had me feeling I just had to try this line.

I spoke with Farah, founder and developer of the line, about my skin issues and she kindly offered to send me a range of her products. Now I’m not trying to convince you this is a magic cure or that everyone’s skin will react just like mine, I can only tell you my experience with it. Beginning with the face oil and I’ve seen such an improvement in the texture and dryness of my skin. What a relief! I could probably shout it from the rooftops but I will restrain myself. Still, I’m quite happy to see that slowly my blemishes from leftover breakouts are starting to fade and I feel like “my” skin is starting to show through.

Also, I have naturally curly hair which is chronically dry. The hair potion is one of the most moisturizing hair products I’ve tried. For someone who also consistently looks for natural ingredients from food to cleaner to skincare, this is sort of a dream come true.

Read more about the power of Nigella Sativa and see the range here. And if you happen to try any of the Sakhi line, leave a comment below.

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