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slow days



This week has been kind of discouraging. The whole day goes by with very little productivity because my hands are so full with the kids. My work time is usually from 10pm-2am.
Actually, I don't mind taking care of's all the other responsibilities that I can't get to but need to get to that are frustrating. Can't I just sit in bed and cuddle and stare at tiny hands and tiny feet all day? No?
(at least I got this post written, a small accomplishment but I'll take it!)


  1. It's the same here. x

  2. Such lovely photos!
    Wow, your work hours are pretty crazy. How on Earth are you being able to handle kids + such crazy work hours? I'm your newest fan! :)

  3. Stunning pictures! Your bed looks really comfy, these are linen sheets, right? :)
    And with only one baby (who's almost toddler) I feel sometimes the same way as you described... I'd like to have at least on more baby in the future, but I think that it means even less time for other things..


  5. Please don't feel guilty and stop and take the time to cuddle because it goes so fast.

  6. It feels impossible to get things done with kids that age. But the good thing is, everything else in life truly can wait. I know... it's hard to actually let yourself believe that sometimes.

  7. Just look at that tiny, beautiful little baby! Absolutely don't feel guilty. And definitely sit in bed and cuddle and stare for as long as you can. It goes by so fast - as everyone says. My youngest turns 6 this month and I still stare and cuddle. I've become accustomed to a dirty kitchen and sticky floors, and I'm okay with that.

  8. I worked for myself through 2 kids who are now school age, and worked many, many late nights. It became habit which i learnt to love, and am now only just weaning myself out of. I also constantly felt guilty trying to spread myself over everything and giving it all the same amount of love (including my work). It is so hard, and when you are in it feels like it will never end, but it gets easier. You look to be doing great job of everything. I miss those tiny hands and feet days.

  9. So beautiful, look at those FEET!! I understand your frustration - I am just coming out of the other side of it all as my girls are now 3 and 5. Remember to mail me about the print, I'm happy to help out! :) /Niki


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