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green juice



Since having the baby my time for making meals has nearly disappeared, plus I've got to do more with just one hand so we have been making lots of fruit & vegetable juice and smoothies. I know there's a million recipes for juices online but I thought I'd share my personal favorite.
It's not the most complex but it certainly is tasty and a good way to get some green while having something sweet.

Juice 3 apples.
Pour the juice into a blender with 3 large stalks of kale, blend until kale is chopped finely.
Add 1 banana and 3 large strawberries and blend together.

In case you're wondering, glass is from Ikea and tea towel from Kollekt.


  1. mmmhhh - looks tasty! :)

  2. That sounds delicious! I love kale in my smoothies. I do a similar one only sub out the banana for a pear.

  3. sounds delicious. i'm loving green smoothies lately & haven't tried any with apples, so i will have to!

  4. Wow that sounds amazing and super healthy. I must start using my blender more! x

  5. That sounds delicious! What kind of juicer do you use? And do you recommend it? :)

  6. Yummmm!! Neither I do have time for big breakfasts... it's so sad because BF is my favorite part of the day and I love to enjoy it. My boss takes delicious green juices (and lately she prepares delicious grapefruit juices also), she's so lucky because we work at her place, and despite we're confident I still can't go like HEY I ALSO WANNA HAVE ONE! haha


  7. I was always a bit intimidating by the "greenness" of these smoothies, but once I sucked it up and gave it a go I realized they are actually delicious!

    xXo, Lexi of

  8. Sounds great! I recently tried out this smoothie recipe, and it is AMAZINGLY delicious! I totally recommend it:
    -a handful of kale
    -one date
    -a little bit of coconut shreds
    -a cup of almond milk
    -a banana
    -protein powder

    It's so sweet, and it fills me up for hours!

  9. Such a treat! We can't wait to try. The images are stunning!


  10. can't wait to try this!


  11. I just made this and it is one of the BEST things I've ever made!! I did a couple of things differently because of texture preferences. I juiced the kale as well as the apples, then added all that to my blender. I used a frozen banana and my frozen strawberries, did not need ice. I'm having this for lunch tomorrow!!


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