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subtle Christmas



My favorite Christmas decorating is sparse and subtle. Changing too much just feels chaotic and I don't want the work involved with taking out lots of things and putting them away again a month later.

This is especially true this year because we just recently bought the house we've been renting!
Yes, it's true. Which means all the gross rental things I've complained about over the years can finally be changed. We've already made some changes to our closet, just waiting to pour concrete floors. Once it's finished I'll show you. Top of the list now though is the kitchen! We convinced our landlord to let us change floors, light fixtures and paint color but outside of that we couldn't/wouldn't do much more.
With kitchen renovations beginning in about a week, our house will be torn to pieces for a bit-refrigerator in the dining room, microwave on the table, I'm hoping it goes by fast.

So you can see why my feelings about a simple Christmas are so strong. Above are some images from Norm for Menu (I know, I blog about them a lot because they are my current favorite) and the styling feels warm and festive but not overdone, juuuuust right.


  1. Congrats Jennifer & co. Waiting for your new kitchen ;-)
    And the rocking chair - wow!

  2. love the way you've set this out!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  3. The news are great. Living in a rental myself, I shared all the complaints you had, too. It must feel so good to be able to move from the dreamy renovation plans you surely made during the years to get it done. Biggest congrats to you both: I cannot wait to see the new Haglers' home. : )

    facing north with gracia

  4. congrats on the home news!

    i'm really not into christmas decor, but i would happy accept something simple and lovely like this.

  5. Wow, congrats!! I can't wait to see all the updates :)


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