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staggered hanger DIY



Earlier this week I was looking at this great hanger from Skagerak designed by Christina Liljenberg Halstrøm and tried without much success to source one for myself. And it occured to me I could make something similar (albeit not as nice) for the baby's corner. Here's what I came up with, I thought you might enjoy this little spin off.

I used 1 1/4" dowel, though something a bit thinner would be ideal, and cut them to about 9" wide. I drilled a hole big enough to fit rope through the middle. The I thread about 60" of parachute rope though, knotting the ends to keep the dowels up. I used one continuous piece of rope and knotted it at the top, you can stagger or hang it any way you want.
Other than a little sanding I didn't finish the wood with anything. This could easily be made in an array of colors both in wood & rope.

Hope you enjoy & happy weekend!


  1. this is fantastically lovely!

  2. Love this idea! It would look great displaying a vintage piece of clothing.. or just a beautiful statement piece.


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