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Once a week there's one thing I must do before Monday comes, and that is clean my office space. It gets used by me and my husband and there's always jewelry shop stuff, papers, labels, pens and little things that accumulate all over the place. If I don't get it together by the time Monday comes, my motivation is gone. And for me nothing is more motivating than a clean, uncluttered space.
But as you can see I didn't get much past this room, Israel's toy animals are piled on the sofa and coffee table and in every other room in the house.

What's your weekly 'must-do'?


  1. oh thanks!!
    i usually rather clean up the house, the baths but is so hard for me to clean up my workspace.
    i gonna make the effort next weekend, is a promise to me lol.
    greets from lima in peru

  2. excuse me, i have a question
    i love to see the white floors in photos
    can you tell me, is so hard to keep the white floor neat?
    un beso y gracias
    lunadelmar o cecilia

  3. Cleaning my workspace would be like winning the olympics. I've been trying to do it for the last 2 years and not succeeded. But I'm getting closer now since Søren thinks my office is his personal playgym. :(

  4. Your office is so pretty! I am quite a messy person and need a thorough clean of the living room once a week too.. (I am training myself to do it daily, but find it difficult after a hard days work)

  5. You have a beautiful and inspiring workspace! In this new (and very small) apartment, we don't have a workspace set up yet, but we are working on it.

  6. oh, your office is gorgeous – gotta love those office supplies!
    i always need to tidy up my bedroom & i'm a stickler about the kitchen.

  7. This is so impressive. My office looks like a bomb site!

  8. I love your workspace!

    My weekly 'must-do' is go through my emails. I like to make sure that every message is answered and that all the spam is deleted. I hate letting my email pile up.

  9. I wish I was this organized. Your space is beautiful. I really believe that your spaces around you affect your mood and thoughts, but I just can't see to get myself together! :)

    Thank you for sharing the inspiration. Just found your blog today clicking on a blogroll. yay, always happy to find another beautiful space on the internet! :)

  10. Holy moly! That's your office? Incredible! Absolutely divine! I agree with you, if the office space/studio space isn't cleaned when it comes time to be productive, well, it just doesn't happen!

  11. Girl I can't even tell you how much I am dreading cleaning my office. It is like an black hole that I don't even enter unless I have to. Now I feel like crap and I guess thats more motivation for me to clean it.


  12. I would love to know where you got your cute little white wire shelves?

  13. I also need a clean space to concentrate and work. I always clean my office space, monday morning when all the mess after weekend is so present ;-) ( I work at home now too) and then I can start to do something. I like minimalistic space to work, more mess I have the more nervous I'm.

  14. I've never seen the Eames chair totally in black before. Did you paint it or can you get it somewhere?


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