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gift ideas for him


I'm glad to have my very own husband contributing a men's gift list. He's got a great eye and I love seeing what he chose for gift ideas.

by Jeremiah Hagler


Rhodia notebook
| Lexon around clock | APRILLOOK skinny black tie | Nixon highball watch | EmeraldSon Indian Motorrijwielen poster | Iris Hantverk concrete shaving set | Sort of Coal purifying water bottle | Ombre sweatershirt | APC knit hat | Hope pitcher & cups |Nike Air quickstrike


  1. Your hubby has got fine taste! I wish my husband would follow suit ; )

  2. Awesome picks! I know my husband would love it all, most especially those Nikes! My husband likes to say that he wears the Danish rainbow... shades of grey, black, and more black! LOL!

  3. thank you so much for your ideas for HIM · always a big problem ... ;)
    (love the HOPE pitcher & cups).

    have a great day. u

  4. Just discovered your blog thanks to pinterest. Amazing!

  5. WONDERFUL list. Every item is to die for, especially the ombre sweatshirt! Not only is this the ideal list; a guy who wants these things must be the ideal guy. ;)

  6. That clock is the neatest thing I've seen in a long time. I kind of want it for myself -- *always* the problem with these gift lists!

  7. Lovely images. I think this site gives us a great ideas for last five minutes gift for him. may be shaving cream is best for him..........hahaha joking. Good work!


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