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I recently discovered this Danish company with the greatest collection of brightly patterned textiles and office accessories. Lots of wonderfully styled photos and their full line of products here.


  1. Great find, I love the bed linen!

  2. I love the textiles too, but a bit sad how they copied Varpu's baskets - made from the same materials and everything. I guess there is no way of avoiding good ideas being copied

    1. I agree with you Mette, I know they look too much like Varpunen's bags and that I definitely don't like! It's a frustrating thing. I have some of Varpu's sacks and will continue to support her!

    2. I disagree, I think the bags from OYOY and from Varpunen have their own unique design. I think Varpunen uses the same colors as Ferm Living and also kind of the same pattern. It's all geometric shapes and nobody own the rights to make their own geometric site.

    3. @anonymous -it is much more about the materials and shape than the patterns -colors and geometric patterns are surely not something new. But this will happen, I know, and all you can do as a customer is spending your money with your beliefs

    4. I think they were designed around the same time, so I don't think anyone could have been inspired by each other.

      I myself as a designer has tried to design something and I thought my idea was so original until I found out someone had designed something very similar at almost the same time. How can you then say how owns the rights, when we both felt like it was our unique idea?

  3. This blogpost just made my heart make a little somersault. These things are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing :) x

  4. Danish and their colorselection is f**king fabulous! Love this palette.


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