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craving light


A corner of our living room from yesterday afternoon. I hate that it's starting to get dark so early already but I'm also ready for some cooler weather. It is still pretty hot here in Idaho and I hate the heat. I find myself turning on a lot of lights in the evening to try to make the house bright again and trying to keep lighter colors in every room to reflect what little light there is. Sadly, it's only going to get worse soon.

Anyone else have little things they do to fight the darker Fall months?


  1. I so know how you feel: I love the cooler temps (not too cold though!) and love the light this time of year, but know it's only time before winter comes. My favorite time of year is when summer subtly blends into fall. I'm dreading winter as I do every year. Our house is very dark as well, but we're getting ready to paint our living room white!! Hang in there.

  2. ... Embrace it !
    Fall and winter are my favorite seasons of the year. I'm just like you, I hate the fact that it gets dark sooner - but I tend to see it as the occasion to do indoorsy activities such as going to museums, renting movies or going to the movies, cooking butternut squash soup, drawing... Plus I'm a big fan of the all-white christmas lights year-round so yippie-yay for me I get to turn them on more often ! And for you (according to the pictures I saw of your home) that means more fire in the fireplace ! Yippie-yay for you dear ! :)

  3. candles + fireplace! they are a great addition to the evening urges i'm having lately to curl up on the sofa with a cozy blanket and a novel. and if all else fails, embrace the moody lighting completely and bring that novel with you into a bubble bath :)

  4. That lamp is fantastic! Where did you get it?

  5. i turn EVERY lamp on in my house when the darker months start creeping in.
    i use it as a time to catch up on books and cook!

    xo the egg out west.

  6. The end of our living room by the fireplace is always dark. The fireplace itself is dark, there's wood and dark tiles. We have dark curtains. The walls are cream but it's still dark, we rent and I would greatly love to repaint the fireplace. (on a long list of things i'd fix in this rental!).
    We're in spring at the moment in the southern hemisphere so it's nice for our days to be longer.

  7. I moved into a new home this spring and the apartment was so over filled with natural light all through that I didn't even have to turn the bathroom light at night. Now the nights are getting darker and I'm putting up lamps all over the apartment and buying lots and lots of candles (which I do every autumn and fall). Also a new blanket is on the shopping list as well as new tea cups :)

  8. I love the autumn light streaming in the house in the afternoon, but yes the early dark nights are a little depressing. We now have a living room with a fireplace we used to live in a flat - with no fireplace) so I am now really looking forward to the winter which is something I thought I'd never say..!? If I didnt have a real fireplace though, I think I would definately invest in installing one of those modern type built-in-to-the-wall-behind-glass gas fires which I've seen a lot of lately in homes magazines, they look gorgeous...X

  9. It's a very original lamp, love it!
    I understand you, but sometimes I like when the dimmed light in the envening slowly takes us to a peaceful night...
    I love every picture ok your blog, the interiors are so beautiful and inspiring !

  10. Love the lamp, I've been thinking about getting one myself to light up the evenings now when it's darker out... I try to catch some sun- and daylight everyday by taking a walk out during my lunch break or sitting on my balcony for a short moment! Also, lighting tons of candles helps me fight the dark fall :) Hope you'll have a great week! /Kajsa

  11. we're getting more lights as it's completely the opposite down here in australia :) i just wanted to say, i LOVE your blog! can't believe it took me this long to find your blog, adding you to my reader just right about now. have a lovely day!

  12. Wow love that light fixture- so unique! Hmm well i embrace the early nights..with a big cup of tea and my favourite show :)

  13. Hello ;)
    Wondering where you got the silver skull from ?


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