Polka dotted denim DIY

I’m excited to feature this great DIY sent in by my good friend Summer who is the mind behind several great businesses including House&Hold and Fawn&Forest.
Below she shares step by step instructions for how you can do this too! So cute.

jeans or cut offs
light grey acrylic paint
a ruler
a wood skewer (for smaller dots, pencil eraser for larger dots)

1. Lay the cut-offs on a flat surface, focusing on 1 side and 1 leg at a time. You will be painting in sections, letting the paint dry as you go.
2. Decide on the width between the dots. I roughly went 1″ between each dot and staggered the dots so each alternating row’s dots are in between the previous row’s dots.
3. Starting at the bottom of the jeans, follow along with the ruler to create a nice, even row of dots 1 inch apart.
4. Dip the end of the skewer in paint, varying every 2nd or 3rd dot so the dots have a variety of opacity.
5. Once you have a consistent, evenly spaced set of base rows you may need to free hand it a bit as you go into the inner and out leg sections and over pockets to follow the cut of the jeans. Jeans are not totally flat, so you have to roll with it.
6. If you mess up and put a dot where it doesn’t belong, simply wipe it away with a wet cloth, quickly.
7. Proceed to hand dot your jeans until you reach the top band. I did not dot the top band, but you certainly could.

Light grey paint is a good choice — off white will look dirty and white-white will look too “new”.
Hand dotting is not intended perfect but adds an interesting element to the garment.

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