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a life of eating and playing


The past few days have been a lot of this. Israel graduated to a junior chair, mostly just for practice though. I'd love to be rid of the highchair.
I found these yellow beans recently, did you know there was such a thing?
Israel is an Elmo addict and this video with Ricky Gervais is one of his favorites, he watches is on a loop.
A Boba green tea smoothie is such a welcome treat in this hot weather!


  1. That baguette looks very, very tasty!

  2. Love your photos! You have some amazing light in your house. Elmo rocks.
    Thanks for posting the beans because I have some, green ones, in my frig that I need to make.

  3. I love these photos and I simply adore that high chair! I also have an Elmo fan here.

  4. Awe, love that it's Ricky Gervais! Our daughter was (and still is) hooked on the Elmo + Andrea Bocelli lullaby... she even requests we sing it to her at night before bed!

    (love the little guy next to the tea cup, too!)

  5. oh girl how could you!!! Post a delicious Vietnamese sammy and my fave drink, and I'm at work with microwave mac and cheese.

  6. You can get been like those that are purple as well - I don't know if they hold their colour when cooked tho'.

    I'll try and buy some from the Marylebone High Street Farmer's Market on Sunday and see.

  7. Gosh - it's late - what has happened to my brain.

    - been

    + beans


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