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is it the weekend yet?


Thank you to everyone who took advantage of the sale! It was a sucess and I'd like to say it was fun but I pulled another all-nighter, maybe you saw my tweet, because it's the only time I can work without being disturbed. It's been 36 hours since I slept last so if I sound sleep deprived, you know why.
I am still so grateful to be busy and to do something I enjoy that also allows me to be a mom, which is still my first responsibility every day.
Here are a few new pieces I finished after last night's work party. I'm wanting to incorporate more neutrals again, as well as more petite sizes since they're more versatile that way. I want my jewelry to be practical too, you know?

So what do you think? Are you liking these toned down colors or are you still riding the neon wave? I'd love to know!


  1. I LOVE the toned-down colours, but I wish some pieces were silver - I don't wear gold-coloured anything, alas!

  2. Hi, having just taken delivery of a neutral geo necklace I can say that the neutrals are definitley my favourite. I love all the stone coloured neutrals- but hey its good to have a mix. Love the new pieces! Jo

  3. I think that the new muted tones are brilliant....i love the new pieces!

    i did a post on all your lovely jewelry last week, hope that's ok? i'm a big fan of your stuff!

  4. Ohhh these are so pretty...I am personally still a fan of neon, but I like to mix them with neutrals. And holy cow, 36 hours of no sleep.....please go take a much needed nap!

    PS I am hosting a Sally Hershberger "Wavy" giveaway should check it out!

  5. I LOVE the new pieces...your pieces just keep getting better and better lady! seriously!

  6. oh no, I missed the sale. this is why I need to be on top of my google reader. as much as I like the neon, I like the muted tones better. I'm a neutral girl~

  7. That's a great new direction, love it!

  8. These are soo nice,I love all of your stuff!!!! can hardly look away anytime I visit your shop. unfortunately, the shipping costs to germany are so expensive...

  9. These are really beautiful. And man, you are a marble making machine!


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