Thank you

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I am so glad to have you, especially right now. Who knew I would have come to depend on you so much and who knew you’d know just what to say? Thank you for always being there, for being so faithful and committed and for always being sincere. When I really need someone, when life hurts so much that it feels like it’s all you can do to hold on, thank you for being on the other side of my grip.
You mean more to me than ever.

A little something for my husband that I thought I’d share with the world about how grateful I am for his constant love.

AMM was created as a way to share my aesthetics with the world. Stunning interiors instigated my passion for beautiful, extraordinary, and simple shapes. I was largely influenced by Nordic design philosophy and AMM transitioned from a personal blog into my own collection of interiors, things, visual trends, DIY projects, lifestyle products, and observations. As an interior design aficionado, I would love to see like-minded people, so stay tuned!

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