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A few weeks ago we did some cleaning and sold some stuff we had grown tired of. In
their place we ordered one of these String Pockets.I can't tell you how excited I was
to open this little guy, like an early Christmas! For those of you living in
Scandinavian countries, this is nothing new, but for a long time I didn't think it
was possible to buy String in the US. Fortunately, I was wrong.
I can't wait to put this bad boy up but we're going to wait until after Christmas and
I'll make sure to share photos later.


  1. I actually oohed and aahhed out loud when I saw this! Haha! I'm such a storage geek :D

  2. um. RAD.

    my first thought on previously seeing these around the internets was "vintage, hard to find."

    then when this post first popped up in my reader i thought "i must be looking at a Scandinavian blog."


  3. Love this storage and have a little stringshelf of my own.

  4. Love these shelves. I participate in craft shows and always on the lookout for portable shelving. The "cell" ones with the string would be ideal. Where did you buy them in the US?

  5. Agreed, I love the string so much!! I've considered ordering some and having them delivered to my Mr's parents in Norway. But where did you find them in US?

  6. I found this String Pocket from Scandinavian Design Center and had it shipped from Sweden. Finnish Design Shop also sells them here in the US but was more expensive, even within the states than from Sweden!

  7. I am swedish and has always loved them. I want a blue and a pink one.

  8. This doesn't make any sense! Where exactly did you order it from? I'm asking this because it seems to me that none of the dealers listed on the String website ship to the States...


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