Snow day

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The past few days have been very cold and snowy. I hate to admit this but Israel and I
haven’t even left the house for 3 days now! Yikes. Our poor, poor little car is on its
last leg and the slightest sign of snow or ice and we’re housebound. We’re hoping to get
something else in the Spring but that still leaves us the rest of the Winter season with
This isn’t Israel first snow since he was born Fall ’09 but he was much too small to
experience any of this. He got suited up-two pairs of pants, three socks under boots,
onesie under two shirts, a sweater, coat, mittens and hat. Am I forgetting anything? Ok,
I think that covered it, phew! All that dressing for about 3 minutes in the snow, sounds
about right doesn’t it? It seems the husband and I were much more excited over the new
white stuff than the baby, shoveling and make giant snow balls. Oh well. I think we’re
going to buy him a little sled, he might enjoy that much more than simply sitting in
waist deep snow(his waist, not mine).
Notice the grim look on his face, very unimpressed.

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