Chalkboard DIY

office with chalkboard
I painted the wall above our desk with chalkboard paint. It was a disappointment
initially, I taped off and dry brushed but those darn textured walls. I ended up
with messy, leaky edges. So, to avoid a repeat of this, I measured 1/4″ all around
the rectangle, and filled it in by hand with a small brush. As you can see, I
haven’t finished the bottom edge yet, tonight though. Probably, maybe I will.
All those cords have got to find a way to get organized too!
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A couple more gifts my husband received for his birthday. I guess birthdays are
sort of a big deal around here. I’m a planner so I start buying little things
a month in advance. A pack of playing cards and a vintage Swivelier clamp lamp. He likes them.
tea towels
Does anyone else iron tea towels, that’s not weird, right? They always come out of the dryer so wrinkly, how could I not?

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