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almost walking


Israel is standing as much as he can. It's funny how babies reach this age where
sitting just isn't enough any more. It's also funny what they'll use to prop
themselves up with. We received a large envelope in the mail and Israel tried
to use it to stand up with!? Silly baby. I hope he doesn't walk too soon, I'm just
not ready for that madness but I guess it's totally up to him.
He's still irresistibly cute, walking or not!


  1. Lovely... he is so cute.
    I´m waiiting to receive my RAR chair in white!!

  2. SO SO CUTE!!! I actually think it's much better when they are walking around... at first your like... where the heck are they!!? But then it does get better because they seem to entertaint them selves more... hopefully with nothing dangerous!! :D Good luck.. looks like you are having lots of fun with Israel.. gorgeous!!

  3. Yes, he is irresistibly cute! My little doesn't walk, he runs all the time and yes, life changes dramatically when they start to walk(in my case run:-)). XX

  4. that's such a great picture :)
    as much as i can't wait for my little guy to start sitting let alone walking, i think i'm going to enjoy his stationary stage where he stays put exactly where i put him for the time being.

    have a great wkend.

  5. Ooooh my! He is a cuteness! I love his beautiful name.

  6. Little Israel is becoming a big boy now! Enjoy his first walk, such a special moment!


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