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I'm thinking of posting more without titles, what do you think?
Here, a kitchen and dining area from Ikea, there's something so inviting about a dining
table that is already set with placemats. I also love the dark butcher block counter
tops, I have a feeling I would want something like if we could redo our kitchen.


  1. Please use titles! I subscribe to your blog from Google Reader, so it makes your posts more memorable/searchable/taggable if I want to find/refer to them later.

  2. i love white washed floors! so scandinavian don't you think? my table flips between placemats...or a table runner... depends on my mood ie do i want to encourage people to sit there or over on the couch! blog titles..i read them all as they come in...hmm maybe andrea has a point though? cheers kari

  3. please use titles (at least most of the time). posts without titles are hard to searh/find/link to, etc.

  4. I always like the combination of brown and white. Very nice kitchen.

  5. dark butcher block counter tops are so beautiful. they make any style of kitchen feel so much more cozy & homey!

    and yes, pls use titles :)

    great image.

  6. Oh I love this! I am currently on the hunt for kitchen inspiration as we will most likely be renovating ours within the next 6 months, and probably an IKEA reno too. I love the simple white cupboards and the counter top. I wonder what the rest of it looks like, with the stovetop and fridge?

  7. so simple and clean! i love it!

  8. love the table and chairs... title schmitle. xo

  9. Ikea... swedish... scandinavian interior style... everything i love. there is something about every detail in this kitchen! in love! i understand your "i'm thinking of posting more without titles..." thing because i am always changing things on my blog... and every time it feels so right because it turns out more of me! :) Hugs, Twiggs


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