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from the weekend


surf and turf

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Here a few things I saw on the web over the
past couple days. Ok, the first 2 are not from the web, they're from home. Israel
loves to remove all of the toys from his shelf and throw them behind him onto the
floor. Cute but messy. Also, I made a surf 'n turf meal for my husband and it was
really good!

print, print, my Pinterest, Zara


  1. oh, you have a beautiful blog here! (and a lovely baby I see, how cute is that pic on the top!

  2. can't have shrimp without steak right? My what a delicious meal you made.

  3. Yum, lovely meal and beautiful pics, especially the first one with Israel exploring his toys:-)

  4. Israel was having a blast! I love ZARA! we don't have it here so when I visit home I am secretly planning to get "accidentally carried away".

  5. Those first 2 pics are fab! That surf n turf looks delish :)

  6. the meal you made seems delicious! :)

  7. The shrimp! The pasta! The steak! Yumm!!

  8. hello, i love your blog-you have great style! i have fallen in love with that black and white photograph of the man carrying the painting and i have to find it! do you have any idea what it is called or where i could find more information on it? thanks!


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