Merry happy

Israel Israel
Most of the time, you look like this. You’re such a happy, curious
boy who loves to roll off blankets and out of rooms. I can hear
you shaking your rattle violently from across the house as you hit
the ground or your other toys with it.
You love to rock back and forth excitedly when I try to feed you your pears.
Not to mention you love to spray said food all over me as I try to get it INTO
your mouth! Even if I’m across the room, you stare and make noises to get my attention
and as soon as I look over you send me this huge grin and all is right in the world.
You are a perfect little blend of your daddy and me and you’ve made us the happiest
people. I lived in black and white before you were born, now I live in color.
I love you!

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