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a simple upgrade for IKEA's BESTÅ


upgrade with Superfront

Superfront gives IKEA owners many options for updating their favorite pieces, enough that you can completely transform your piece into something new with doors and cabinet tops or if you want something more subtle you can add handles and legs. It's the best of both worlds, budget friendly and easily accessible IKEA blended with elevated pieces that make your furniture look custom.

We went for something more subtle, changing out the boring legs on the BESTÅ I inherited from my mom for these Slender Low legs from Superfront's bathroom collection. Beyond upgrading cabinets and credenza's the range also includes custom sinks and taps for your bathroom! We have the Holy Wafers in our kitchen, btw, and I love their low profile on all our bottom cabinets.

upgrade with Superfront

Below are a few favorites including the brass Balance legs, Mini Reflection, Parallels front kitchen panel.


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