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a new rail & news



The wonderful and incredibly talented Annaleena sent us one of her rails recently and I think it was exactly what this blank wall in our kitchen needed to holding towels and brushes.
The chem glass, tin box & brush are from one of my favorites, Betong Gruvan.

As strange as this is to say, and soon after I hung this great new piece, we have decided to move! We're in the process of selling our house but in the meantime we will be in a temporary place for about a year (hopefully less). Crazy right?!
I'm going to miss this place where my son & daughter were born, which we just bought recently and were slowly making it into a place we felt truly at home. However we have bigger dreams right now, dreams that might be taking us in a completely different direction that we need to take steps towards. As vague as that is I will have to wait and see how things unfold myself before I can share more.
Just don't worry, I will keep updating my IG with news and you can look forward to seeing our new (very temporary) little place in the meantime.

Happy almost weekend!


  1. Moving to skandinavia? ;)

  2. I love Annaleena's rails and this is by far the most clever way of using it that I have seen! Well done! And it sounds very exciting with your new plans. Good luck with everything.

  3. Good luck on selling Jennifer! I am really looking forward to your adventures.

  4. moving … I feel I've done it for years. As soon as I started feeling at home where we were, we leave somewhere else and we need to start it all over again. Exciting and exhausting. But challenging all the time nevertheless. I wish you luck for your future projects no matter where they will bring you. xx

  5. Good luck with the move and thanks for a great blog! / liza

  6. such good idea... using the rail in the kitchen.
    and I`m still impressed of that beautiful black and white kitchen...

  7. Jennifer congratulations :) i totally fil you :) i am in excatly the same situation.
    Just move out from my house and leave temporarly for a your somewhere untill our new home (not house) is "created"

    goood luck with everything
    ps. i love you blog from A to Z

  8. Congrats what ever is coming! A own house… My guess.

  9. Good luck with everything! Your blog is great and i will follow your adventures :)
    Carpet cleaning Kensington

  10. This is GORGEOUS!! Need one for my home! (when it is finally finished that is)

  11. It sounds like you have some exciting plans ahead of you and your family!
    And that beautiful, black rail will look beautiful wherever you guys end up :)


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