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raya todorova



This is an ideal bedroom, wouldn't you say so? A place that says I'm Stylish and peaceful but not trying too hard.
That kind of effortless cool that's never really without effort.
With it's monochrome scheme and simply made bed in layers from white to black that hug large, uncovered windows. Looks like the sort of place you'd want to take a long Sunday nap and forget the world around you. The kind of bedroom you wouldn't mind spending the entire day in.
Well I am definitely a fan, can you tell?

Raya's portfolio also included this space below, already making many Pinterest users happy, is pastel perfection. With just enough color and again, like the room above, not overdone. Check out her portfolio for more images of both spaces.



  1. Great interior inspiration!


  2. I usually equate "cozy" to darker, more colorful spaces, but that bedroom looks so cool, comfortable and cozy. I could definitely see myself spending all day there. I love that the bed is so close to the ground and the large windows. I'm really diggin' Todorova's aesthetic.

    -Dee from


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