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fold mirrors



Recently I worked with Normann Copenhagen on this post, but I also want to share this great family of Fold Mirrors from their line up.
Fold was designed by Marie Thurnauer after visiting Salvador Dali's home in Spain where she spotted a mirror that gave a distorted reflection.
What I personally like about these mirrors are that since they bend out from the wall, catching light and reflecting portions of whatever it is opposite of. It looks almost like varying windows into new spaces. With three different sizes in a black or white border, the possibilities for combinations make these so easy to personalize.
We put 3 of these on the wall adjacent to the kitchen that is shared with our office space. The wall really had no purpose and we've often talked about how nice it would be to remove it entirely, opening up the space even more. However with these new mirrors up I think it looks brighter, even slightly more open, solving the problem we had for this purposeless wall.

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