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We've officially begun the kitchen renovations and half the house is complete chaos. The dining table is a makeshift kitchen for toast, cereal and there are old & new appliances scattered throughout. Tomorrow comes some the boring stuff like plumbing and electrical wiring but this weekend our first cabinets should be installed so it won't look like a total war zone for much longer.
Thankfully our bedroom has been untouched and when it all becomes overwhelming for me I come in here for a bit to relax. Home renovations at 36 weeks pregnant are not for the faint hearted, or so I'm learning.


  1. where is that duvet cover from? it's perfectly minimalist!

  2. Take god care of yourself.

  3. You are brave! Take care and rest often :)

  4. Take care of you and i wish that the kitchen will be as you expect!!! my best from freezing Québec

  5. Lovely as always... enjoy.

  6. Take care!
    And where is the candle from?

  7. The weekend before my daughter was born I had to hang out in the back yard all day because my husband was staining our new hardwood floors and I couldn't be near the fumes - good times! Your bedroom looks like the perfect retreat from the chaos.

  8. About to go on "vacation" (aka home) for two weeks—wishing I had a room that cozy to relax in, although at 36 weeks it sounds like you need rest anywhere and everywhere you can get it!


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