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I'm happy to announce we are headed to San Francisco tomorrow! St. Regis Hotels is sending us to experience their new Family Traditions at St. Regis which includes activities tailored for families with small ones.
With Israel having just turned 4 and another soon to arrive in January, the timing of this trip is perfect. We've been wanting to get away just us 3 before baby comes and hearing about all the nice features the this program provides, we're all looking forward to some family time.
In keeping with the traditions and traveling I wanted to share a bit of our process for traveling. We've never gone far with Israel and this will be his first plane ride so I think we'll be making up traditions as we go along. I will of course be bringing my trusty Yvonne Kone bag and also packing the mini Kanken with quiet toys, books and snacks. A few of my favorite little things as well, some La Bruket hand cream, Binchotan toothbrushes (a favorite), sunglasses & case and my phone, which will be doing most of the picture taking.
Although I'm not quite sure how smoothly everything will go, I'm happy to be getting away with the boys for some r&r.

One more noteworthy piece is that tomorrow begins a giveaway for a chance to win your own family trip to a St Regis Resort, at a destination of your choice no less! Just follow @stregishotels on Instagram and make sure to hashtag your family photos with #stregisfamily to enter!

I'll be posting a trip wrap up once we get home of the local sights and sounds but in the meantime you can follow me on Instagram. If anyone has some must see suggestions feel free to leave a comment.


  1. Awesome! Have fun! Can't wait to see pictures. Love the iphone case!!!

  2. Lovely photos as always! Have fun in SF, can't wait to see the photos (hoping you'll post them here and on your Instagram)! xx

  3. who makes the iphone case?

  4. Great post, everything is so chic! and awesome! I'll be looking out for the giveaway, sounds so cool.


  5. Our boys (5 & 8) LOVED the Exploratorium ... I thinking all kids do as it's all hands on experiments for children. Very well organized and a beautiful building by the bay.

    Enjoy your trip!

  6. Wonderful post, I'm loving your toothbrushes. I've been thinking about getting a mini Kanken for awhile now for my daughter (she's almost two). How does your boy like it? Good luck on your trip!

  7. Beautiful pictures, have fun in San Fran!


  8. Places to see: exploratorium, academy of sciences, legion of honor, land's end, painted ladies, embarcadero, de young (if only for the 360 degree view at the top), ocean beach, crissy field, and the store Paxton's Gate (taxidermy, succulents) in the mission (they have a kid's one, too) .. and so many more that I can't think of right now.

  9. The St Regis at 3rd Street? If you need a quiet morning or afternoon close to home base, that's just two quick blocks from 111 Minna, my favorite art gallery in the world.

    Then grab a bite at either Darwin's or Garaje on the way to tree-lined South Park (just another two blocks) for some swingset time.

  10. Ahh, hope you have a great time!

    I spent 3 weeks in SF this summer and loved it. I don't have kids, but the Exploratorium is great in my opinion, so fun, and they have great smart toys for kids.

    I also think Palace of fine arts might be interesting, it's nice to walk around, there are swans there, and you're really close to the beach and GG bridge. :)



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