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a party for the big 4



Sunday our little Israel turned 4! I haven't been able to completely wrap my brain around the truth that I'm now the mother of a 4 year old. It's true what everyone says, it happens fast.
And as with every party I've thrown, I never get decent photos. As soon as I've finished making food everyone arrives at once, the sun starts to go down and suddenly I've missed out on taking proper photos of the set up. But truly we didn't do much. I wrapped our gifts to him in white and tied balloons to it, made some paper accordian shapes for the tables and was sure to have a variety of little foods for people to snack on. And he requested Minion cupcakes which I made with Twinkies and some candy eyes. I just googled Minion cupcakes and found the easiest cupcake option! All the kids thought they were pretty cool.

Most importantly though, Israel had a lot of fun with his friends and family which is all we really wanted. You can see a few more photos from Sunday on my IG as well as the little scooter we gave him.

Happy Tuesday everyone.

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