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There needs to be one go-to area of the house that we can go to for comfort. A place that's a bit disheveled but lets you relax in your own space. For me it's this little area. It's a cozy corner with lots of stacked books, a soft knit blanket and lots of pillows. I love reading books to my son Israel here, checking emails, talking on the phone or talking with visitors. I'm curious, what's your comfort spot?


  1. Seems perfect! Right know I'm trying to find that spot in my house. Lovely day!


  2. Wonderful place! I like the colors. And, hey there is my favorite little Table. Someday it will be mine :)

  3. the first picture in this post is my little corner in my current apartment. I also find solitude in going to coffee shops around Chicago, or libraries, finding corners, and shutting out the world. When I get older and settle down into a place with my boyfriend, I'll have something more permanent as my go to corner.

  4. I totally love your spot.

  5. From the impression I get from your instagram, I could never imagine your space as 'disheveled!'

    It does look inviting though.

  6. Where is the sofa (lounge chair) from?
    Like a lot!

  7. wow looks really nice!
    where did you get the sofa and the knitted blanket? :)

  8. So everyone wants to know where you got the chase/couch--me too!


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