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in shadows



There's something about playing with variations in light that can make an image so powerful. I love this feeling of evening, maybe right after dinner when the day slows down, the kids are in bed (hopefully) and time lets you relax and reflect on the day. Well, at least that's what I imagine when I look at this low lit kitchen!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love the light in the evenings and the early mornings, with the long shadows and the cool air. xoxo

  2. i'm always on the search for the time that allows me to relax :)

  3. The kitchen is gorgeous! The lighting in the photograph is spectacular.

  4. that time of day is my favourite. especially now that it's heating up, sitting in the garden when the light is fading is very peaceful and relaxing! the low lit kitchen is perfect, and especially the lighting hanging over the dining table. it's creates a cosy atmosphere.

  5. This is such a beautiful, inspiring house!


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