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by Deborah


Myself & Jennifer share the same love of black kitchen units and today I thought I would share some ones that I like the best. There is something really masculine about all black kitchen units, I think the dark units work really well against a dark wall so that it almost merges into one. My only concern would be that they would show every little crumb. Either way I still dream of matte black kitchen units!

image sources:
1     2     3 , 4     5     6


  1. I like this style, especially with subtle contrasting details like metallics.

  2. Wow, image 3 and 4 are absolutely gorgeous! Black kitchen units when done correctly can be stunning and these are definitely done right. I love the red electrical wire in image 4 - it looks great against the black back drop! On a side note, the source of image 4 is amazing. I had not heard of Yellow Studios, but their interior photographs are amazing! A real gem, thank you for sharing this with your readers.


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