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black grout


by Deborah

If I could I would love to be able to grout the white tiles in the kitchen or the bathroom with black grout. I really love how the black makes the tiles pop out and gives a really graphic industrial look to your kitchen or bathroom. I love how practical the grout would be and it wouldn't show up any stains which really is a pet peve of mine. Here are some beautiful photographs to inspire you over the weekend.

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  1. I love it!

  2. Really interesting combination of tiles, furniture and that wooden floor. i love whole arrangement of a place. kitchen is my favorite, I must say. Yes, agree with industrial vibe, but still there's also plenty of coziness. Perfect place indeed.

  3. this is absolutely great, love the minimal yet interesting look x

  4. Truly an inspiration! I absolutely love it myself, would be perfect to freshen up the look of the kitchen, and it's great that it's practical at the same time.

  5. i think it's lovely too. there's something quite italian about it (maybe a memory from childhood). and yes, it totally solves the grubby grout problem which is a big pain in the bum :-)

  6. Thanks for the inspiration, always.
    + thanks for leading me towards blokmilkshop. Purchased one of Ane's themes today for my blog.
    I couldn't be happier. She's got a great eye for design.

    Have a great weekend!


  7. i like the "be nice or leave".

  8. I completely agree with you lady on the black grout! Not only is it easy on the eyes but, easy to keep clean too : )

  9. I've planned painting my (near)future kitchen tiles like that! :) The first picture has inspired me, too, but these other pictures were new for me. Beautiful and sharp interiors. Is the last one from Lotta Agaton shop? Looks like it could be, I have to go and check your links. :)

    xx Peeta,

  10. Beautiful inspiration! I want them too :)

  11. I have black grout in our kitchen and yes it is stainproof. It also always looks nicer in a photo than IRL to be honest. Wish that part weren't true. :-/

  12. I love the black grout! I really miss my old apartment! The walls were white with black grout. Of course the building was old so the entire apartment had cute little vintage details. Thanks for the inspiring photos!


  13. i love the poivre [french for pepper] dish towel and the 'be nice or leave' sign – such lovely details.

  14. I'm in the same situation! I'm so in love with this "black grout on white tiles" effec tbut I had to move to white on white at the end: the lack of width consistency in the grout is so great that a black contrast would have turned out awful. I guess this is the sad side of renting!


  15. I've just used black grout in my kitchen and it looks wonderful. We did have white, which had become grubby and stained. So my husband used a special grinding tool which removed the old grout and left the tiles intact. We then just re-grouted. Do it!!!! xx

  16. We put black grout with white subway tiles in our bathroom. I love the contrast but we did not use a good tiler. Therefore any imperfection is really magnified. It is a great look just make sure you use someone who has worked with colored grout before.


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