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I created a bit of a moodboard by printing some of the inspiring images from my Pinterst, including Annaleena's gorgeous diamond and Roxy's printed envelopes.

I also made that concrete pyramid after making a concrete votive (for those of you who follow me in Instagram you may remember this). I might post a tutorial on how to make one, would you like that?


  1. Your house is full of never ending inspiration!

  2. Love it! I would definitely want to learn how to make a concrete pyramid. My bf is all about heavy objects (it's weird...I know...we have a lot of antique dumb bells) & it'd be so cool to make him one.

  3. I love this collage of black and white you have here. People think black and white is dull but I am finding it more and more alluring. Its simpleness is a mere mask to its complexity and greatness. I have to say your feather has me a bit mesmerized.


  4. would love to see how you made it ;)

  5. I would really like a tutorial! The past week I m trying really hard to make shapes like this with clay. But it seems I need to work on that harder cause I don't get the result wanted. Anyway, I d love to see how you make this kind of stuff yourself.

  6. Love these pictures! And I would really like to see the pyramid tutorial. :)

  7. Would love to have the tutorial! Do share please! :-)

  8. Yes, yes please! I love pyramids, and concrete, so this is a dream come true.

  9. I would LOVE to learn how to make a pyramide like that.

    (I just have to say, You are my favorite blog nowadays.
    Totally. Thank you for posting, writing and inspireing.

    Just had to say.)

    Hugs, and lots of them too,
    from an-magritt

  10. I may not have this perfect concrete pyramid but I did make this one out of paraffin.. I think you'll like it!

  11. I would LOVE a tutorial on how you made that pyramid. please please!


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