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guest post: Stylizimo


by Nina

Hi everyone! I´m Nina, the girl behind - the community
site where we all can share our home to inspire each other. I guess you
can imagine how happy I got when Jennifer joined the site  and started
sharing her beautiful pictures of her home with us. This is actually how
I discovered her blog as well - what a bliss!

I´m very
honored to be a guest blogger here on A Merry Mishap, as I truly love
the blog and the inspiration found here. And since sharing inspiration
is what I do for a living, I thought I might as well share some corners
of my home.

You´ll find more pictures of my home on my blog or on - I hope to see you there!

Smiles, all the way from Norway.


  1. Hello Jennifer! I am a fan of Stylizimo and look forward to every post of Nina.
    Let me thank her too for making me find out how beautiful your blog is!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Fantastic! Love her house...
    And Nina is great to ;)
    May Helen

  3. I've been following Nina for a while, I love her home and style!

  4. Amazing home! beautiful!!

  5. goodness, all of that is lovely, but where on earth is the magazine stand from?!

    1. Thank you :) The magazine holder is from "Designtorget" Link:


  6. Amazing home! Love the small details and pops of woodsy/natural color.

  7. wow..wonderful images..I love the magazine holder..

  8. So fun to see the lovely Nina over here on AMM! Nina, your home looks stunning, as always. :)

  9. Jaw dropping! Your home is fabulous. And I love the idea of using a hanger to hang a magazine. Sheer genius : )

  10. It's a simple think, but I love the magazines on the coat hangers - such a cool idea

  11. Thank you all for your wonderful comments <3 It warms my heart.
    Nina xx

  12. This is a match made in heaven! Love to both of you!

  13. I love this!! Totally!!

    I have been looking for at blanket to my floor next to the sofa, where is yours from?

  14. Love your home and your site! I hope its OK if I publish your photos on my blog, offcause with a link to you, please let me know if not.

    Have a great sunday,

  15. Where is the desk and chair from? I love the entire office look!

  16. Can you please tell me who makes that lovely grey sofa and/or where I can purchase it? I have been hunting it down but have yet to find the name- I would really appreciate it!!


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