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guest post: Karin Foberg


posted by Niki

Hej hej! In my previous guest post I featured a Danish home/studio. Today I thought I'd continue my tour of the sunny Nordics and head to Örebro, Sweden and the beautiful home of Malin and Magnus, friends of photographer Karin Foberg.

The couple moved in when Malin was pregnant and the first thing they did was rip out the carpets and white-washed the floor. Most of their investment has been in art (the majority paintings are by Malin's favourite artist Lisa Rinnevuo) and furniture which adds a pop of colour to the otherwise all white space.

Malin and Magnus love their home and describe taking a bath in the all white bathroom design as 'light therapy' which is all important in the dark Swedish winter!

Such a lovely beautiful, bright and cheerful home.

Have a lovely day! / Niki

Credit: Photographer: Karin Foberg Stylist: Anna Mard

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