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guest post: Finnish Summer


Hello everyone! Jeremiah & I are getting ready to leave for NYC tomorrow so all this week I am happy to share that there will be some really special contributors to the blog. They've got some great posts lined up and I am happy to introduce Riikka as the first. Did you all know what a fan I am of this woman? Outside of being a mom she is also a talented designer and DIY'er, stylist and photographer. Everything she does is magic.
I hope you all enjoy! -Jennifer

Guest post by Riikka Kantinkoski from Weekday Carnival

Hi, my name is Riikka. I write a blog called Weekday Carnival and I also have small shop RK Design. I was honored when Jennifer asked me to contribute this guest post, but also a bit lost about what should I write. Summer holidays have just started here so I decided to share a small bit of Finnish Summer instead of telling you about nightless nights , Karelian pies, or salmiac.

Here in Finland our Summer lasts only two months so we have to take advantage of it in a short period. The best things in Summer for me are taking a rowboat trip early in the morning,  going to a saunadipping your feet in warm water, relaxing in a summerhouse, swimming, watching the sunset, taking a walk into a fresh birch forest, taking a night swim, going for a picnic by bike, laying in flower fields and watching how  clouds make different shapes.  To learn more about Finland watch this.   Have a wonderful summer wherever you are!


  1. The image posted here is amazing, great informative post Riikka. Jennifer, try to visit the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and take a stroll on Montague Street. You could also go to the Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale, for the big day, I recommend the Soho location. I can't wait to see the pictures you post:)

    1. Thanks for the rec's Elaurie! I will try to check them out!


  2. Riikka's blog is one of my favorites, and I'm always scoping out her shop for new designs. So glad to see her guest post here. What a lovely collage she has decorated your page with :)

    1. Have a fantastic and safe trip to New York Jennifer! Can't wait to see what goodies you bring back with you :)

  3. Jennifer, have a wonderful trip to NYC! Riikka, I absolutely adore your blog and design shop - such beautiful work! Summer in Finland sounds so idyllic! Thanks for sharing :)

  4. Ooooh !
    Scandinavia has had my heart for years, this is just makes me wanna jump on a plane to Finland...!!
    Just beautiful.

  5. Lovely post! Taking an Scandinavian night swim sound great!

  6. I love Riikka's blog,Weekday Carnival is on my reading list daily!Greetings from Estonia!!

  7. I'm dying over how creative this photo layout is!!!!! obsessed!!


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