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guest post: The & Sucre


Please welcome Ana to the blog, she will be guest posting off and on here at AMM! I believe she will be a wonderful addition & I hope you all enjoy.

The & Sucre
Hello, AMM readers!
I am Ana Degenaar, an endless enthusiast, designer by profession and passion, owner of Blog Milk Shop and most recently a nomad. I have a soft spot for Scandinavian Design, travel, kid-related things and our puppy 'Bo. I'm thrilled about being part of this amazing team and look forward to meeting you and sharing more about my passions in this wonderful space created by Jen.

This is what I can beautiful packaging. The beautiful "Sweet Time" in a box concept was created by Penelope and it truly is sweet. A perfect bag tea bag and a sugar cube makes the loveliest afternoon treat.

I love design like this, thoughtful, wonderful and full of genius!

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