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Jeremiah took Israel for a walk to get out of the house. I saw them walking up to the house on their way back but this time they were 3. This, very friendly, cat had followed them for the majority of their walk. He was very affectionate and just wanted to rub all over us. Israel was charmed. We soon went into the house and washed out hands, where has that fluffy cat been?


  1. That is so cute. Emma loves street animals hahaha! I love that of her. Your Israel is so cute.

  2. Gorgeous cat and lovely little boy...maybe your new friend will come visit again sometime soon :)

  3. how adorable! i love friendly kitties.

  4. He looks like a pretty well cared for an outdoor cat (although, I would wash my hands too!). Nonetheless, I would follow this guy, and he probably has a nice home.....he just knows how to work the neighborhood! :)

  5. Friendly cats are the best and I love them despite being allergic to them--I seem to scare them away though--obviously they don't like me :)

  6. Oh, sweet little boy and a cat. I don´t know if I have already told you...that your kids names are so great, love them <3 Have a great week! Hugs <3


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