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I've been forcing myself to photograph my food, as a way to get motivated to eat more clean foods. It's much more work to prep the food & go shopping but I feel much better. I ate so much crappy food during the three weeks in December I was working like crazy, so I'm just happy I have a little bit of time to do this.
Oh, and I made this lentil spread and everyone LOVES this stuff! It doesn't look super great but I've made it four times in the last week if that says anything.
Here's how I made it

1 cp cooked lentils (cooked in chicken stock)
2 garlic cloves
1 tlb stone ground mustard
2 diced green onions
2 tlb raw almonds
2 tlb olive oil

Puree everything in a food processor, adding more oil towards the end if you want it more "spreadable". I like it with these black bean chips but it would be good with anything. I actually scrambled it with my eggs earlier in the week.

Some containers I ordered from Fab came in today. I love this bread bowl from Erik Bagger and the vacuum pitcher was much less than the coveted Stelton pitcher.

Any moms/dads (or aunts or godmothers etc.) read the Pigeon books? Israel loves them, we've read them over and over and over, he's reading some of it to us now. I bought him the Pigeon plush and he sleeps with him. It's pretty cute how much he loves this bird.
Often times Israel leaves the house looking better than us but I'd rather it be that way than the other way, you know?

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