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Christmas in Copenhagen


I know Emma just wrote about this but I had to reblog it. Doesn't it make you excited to decorate for Christmas? I love all of the warm purple, but I will have to admire from afar since purple would look terrible in our house.


  1. I can't stop looking at that round colorful balls rug. Can't. Look. Away.

  2. @ Naomi: I think I saw that rug in the Dwell article on the HAY store in Copenhagen:
    It's called the Pinocchio rug.

    I love the white and black chair with the lasercut (probably?) floral patterns in the foreground, but it doesn't look very comfortable. The purple, black, and white color scheme is very regal. . .

  3. I forced myself to wait with christmas decoration until december 1st. Now looking at the pictures.Ugh.Makes.It.So.Hard.

  4. This interior is absolutely gorgeous, I can see why you had ot reblog! I am the same as Oh look how pretty, the 1st is when it all starts... and there will be NO stopping me!

  5. This really looks amazing :9 and who would know that christmas can look great with purple. I can`t wait to decorate, this year is the first one in my (our) new home, so I think it will be exciting! But no purple for us, though, doesn`t go with all the reds :(

  6. This images look really nice, Happy Thanksgiving!.

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  8. simply beautiful!

  9. eeks! heading to copenhagen in 6 days. this post just made my day :)


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