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a little thrifting


This morning we hit up a few thrift stores. Has any other mom out there tried to do serious treasure hunting with a little one(s)? First of all, everything is gross and I'm always trying to prevent Israel from touching and grabbing things, then washing his hands every chance I get. Also, this whole stopping at 20 different stores, getting out and looking around for 15 minutes is not the ideal way to spend your day when you're 16 mos old!
We did find a few things. I spotted some old pottery, with small handles and tiny spouts, maybe for small candles or as bud vases. I tossed them in the cart but ended up ditching them at the register. I couldn't think of where I could possibly put them so they didn't make the cut.
I did keep these teak triangular napkin rings. They have small slits at the top, I'm guessing to hold name cards. Handy, if I ever have a formal dinner with just two other people?! I also found this IKEA PS tealight holder for $2, new in box. Probably not a big deal for those of you who live around the corner from the Swedish mecca but for us who are at least 5+ hrs from one, it's kind of a score.
The best part of my day though? Watching these two guys make their way, very slowly, through the parking lot. Israel was totally spent by the time we headed home. Actually, he threw a full blown tantrum but I can't say I blame him. He's napping now. :)


  1. the napkin rings are super cute! Shopping with a little one can be exhausting. I've found that I'd rather just pay shipping and order stuff online, sometimes.. but mine is two, and she can unbuckle herself out of the little harness in her cart cover, and then she stands up & refuses to sit back down. :\ I miss the days of her being a baby and sleeping during shopping excursions... but I don't miss lugging the the car seat around!

  2. oh dear, i so understand you and admire you for your courage!! a whole day from store to store? whow! and yes, that ikea candle holder is really cute! it will be so gorgeous with all the tealights! try it on your most gorgeous table! :) have a great day dear and hugs to your family! twiggs

  3. Agreed, the ikea find is the best! And way to go taking the little one with you! I'm a nanny and I always take my little man to the fabric stores with me...not always his favorite, but we do something fun to make up for it :)


  4. I have a two yr. old and when I feel like hitting up the thrift and junk shops he has to tag along. I pack some snacks, a few toys, hand sanitizer and just hope he lets me shop. I've been doing this since he was born so he's usually pretty good. Occasionally he likes to throw a major tantrum and I have to come home!

  5. wow. nice ! Especially the Ikea tealight holder

  6. Thrifting is the best! I feel like a treasure hunter and it's so fun when you find something good for extra cheap. I don't have a little one, but do see the problem with that, I always have to sanitize after leaving the stores and I can just picture some of that stuff going into little curious mouths :)

  7. Like your diligence about selection!
    That top photo is to die for. Too cute!

  8. ok, that top pic is genius.

  9. Ha YES it's total drama to thrift with small ones! Ugh I end up just begging them to be content ha. It's a luxury to do it w/o them-but then I end up wishing I had them along!
    Great scores-I am trying to keep away from stores right now-too much great stuff at the thrift stores in Jan/Feb (people 'decluttering' their lives ;)


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