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romping room


Can these guys slow down for a picture maybe?! That little blur is my son, the bigger
blur, his daddy. Israel just loves our bed, but isn't that the case with all kids? I
remember thinking my parents' bed was much more comfortable than mine.


  1. These pictures are so sweet, I couldn't stop smiling at them. I remember loving to play in my parents bed, there was just something so special about it.

  2. my every day seems so similar to this! they really never do slow down to be photographed! :)

  3. i LOVE this jenn!!! the fourth image down from the top is my fave...what a cute and happy little babe you have! have a good weekend!

  4. Lovely and the Rand books look great!

  5. DARLING! My favorite photo of my big 18 year old son is of him just in diapers at that age. Have fun.
    Mary Ann


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