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Friday + spending freeze



We've got lots to do today, mostly boring errands though. We're beginning a spending
freeze for the month of January, so watch out for some different posts as we find
creative ways of not spending money! The rules are simple, we can buy:
food (and necessary toiletries, cleaners)
and that's it really. I'll be honest, a month of this sounds like a challenge,
especially if I find myself in a thrift store. I guess the key is to avoid unnecessary
stores altogether.

For now, I'm leaving you with this, a beautiful home found via Bolig.


  1. Beautiful home. I like how the black floor in the kitchen looks with all the white. Also Happy New Year, have a great day with your family! .

  2. Lovely place...and oh my, I so know what you mean re. the spending freeze...we need to too. Nightmare! Happy New Year to you and your family x

  3. your spending freeze is completely inspiring. i believe we'll do the same.

    beautiful home...happy new years!

  4. brilliant dining room floor!

  5. I think I'm in serious need of a spending freeze as well. Last year was insane!

    But it's a harsh task. Good luck!!

    And I'm in love with simple kitchens.... How serene and nice!

  6. Love that interior.
    You taunt us!

    Spending freeze sounds like a great idea. Except the thing I spend most of my disposable cash on is having lunch when I am out. That would technically count as food but it's pretty frivolous.
    I'm excited to see your no-spending inspired posts.

  7. Looking forward to see your new inspiring posts!
    This one hurt, I mean the photos! : D
    Happy new beginning and good luck with the spending freeze, so much needed at ours too!

  8. I think that is a good idea for lots of people!

  9. this home is stunning!
    goodluck with the spending freeze! I think we will have to do that too after all we had to spend for christmas!
    happy new year! xo

  10. I imposed a spending freeze when i was in americorps making $60 a week! avoidance is key.

  11. Hhmmm, I need a spending freeze as well. But in January ? Here in Belgium that's when we have winter sales. So it might be next to impossible to maintain any serious financial restraints...

  12. We are doing the same thing. I want to see how little we can get by on. It's not easy though. All the best!

  13. oh yes! we are doing the same - but for two months.. it makes me feel free, kind of! :)


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