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Israel and I try to take walks most days of the week. Today we had too much laundry
but yesterday we made our took our usual route. This is more or less what we see on
our walks. There is a small pond about a block away and a large, white swan lives
there with a few ducks. Sometimes he leaves the pond to walk around the streets, I've
seen him do it. That must have been where he was on this particular day.
I had to bundle the babe up because our highs have only barely reached 40 and our
walks must be before naps. Israel loves his mittens and scarf I made for him. He
loves riding around in his carrier, though I feel he may be too big for it now.
We had a nice talk and pointed to all of the birds and dogs we saw on our way.
Afterwards, we shared lunch and then off to bed.
I should be thankful to be so near nature but I do wish our walks could be through
a big, beautiful city with lots of people and stores.

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