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Mikael Beckman


I've had to remind myself all day that it isn't Thursday. It's not even Wednesday
yet, it's still Tuesday night and for some reason the week is just crawling by.
This apartment is fresh and bright and so beautifully understated.

To add something odd and not at all interior related, I've been testing out my new
Lumix and am clueless! Does anyone have any pointers for me? I tried searching how
to's and was disappointed to only find reviews, at least they were positive!
Israel ate a small owl and cat today, leaving just pieces of the head on my lap.


  1. That is one lovely apartment. No camera pointers I'm afraid, however we were considering getting the Lumix too. Is it the GF1 you have? I hope you can find some good tips. x

  2. Amazing! You have such an eye for beauty! Love it!

  3. Cute new top banner!
    And very nice photos too...!

  4. Struggeling with my new camera too. Not a Lumix. The only thing that helps is trying, trying, trying I guess... You have the manual?

  5. Claire WilliamsonNovember 11, 2010

    Hello! lovely blog :)
    I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 and absolutely adore it! What sort of pointers would you like?

  6. WOw! Love the clean lines and proportion here!Crisp of White is truly wonderful!You have such a great eye. Love the spaces!Spectacular Photographs!


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