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random weekendness


Israel and I visited my favorite bakery today to pick up some Japanese pastries.
The one on the left is filled with ham and cheese and the second is a sweet coconut
roll. Israel ate a small cheese bread all by himself, he loves bread and since we're
still waiting for his teeth to show up, it's something he can eat all by himself.

The weather finally feels like Fall, thank goodness! I love the smell of Fall, and
just about everything that comes with it. Israel was able to wear a scarf for the
first time Friday, I had it made for him while I was still pregnant. He's also happy
to be wearing some skinny black cords and suede slippers. I love that boy!
I photoboothed myself to give you an idea of what I look like right this minute.
I almost never include photos of myself on the blog, something I plan on maintaining
for quite some time because I hate the way I look in pictures and only about twice
in my life have I liked a photo someone has taken of me.
Still, I thought it might be time to break the anonymity for just a day to talk
about my hair. It's getting pretty long and while I like the idea of long hair,
it's high maintenance. Most days it sits as a bun on top of my head, my husband's
least favorite look. You can see it's naturally wavy, so straightening it is a
major project and one that Israel doesn't like waiting around for. Should I cut it?
I've been pondering the idea for a while but the last time I chopped it off I ended
up hating it a month later. Not sure what to do...

Want to see a more interesting hair story? Check out Sandra's new do!


  1. I've been following your blog for a while and just adore your posts. I guess I've been waiting for the right moment to post a comment. You hair is awesome and truly beautiful just as it is, however, I can completely understand that it's a lot of hair to manage and you have to have it in the style that is comfortable and right for you. The key thing that keeps me going when I'm looking for a new style is that if I don't like it it will grow back and I've got a draw full of scarves and clips to disguise it while I wait! Hope that helps and good luck. (the photo is cute too) Smiles! Kt-x

  2. Well, the hair is gorgeous, but I understand the desire to chop. The great thing about hair is that it always grows back. :-)

  3. I love long, wavy hair. If you're going to cut, start with just a few inches. No need to straighten -- own your waves, girl!

  4. Love Israel's outfit :) Your hair is gorgeous! I wouldnt cut it but then I've always wanted long, wavy hair xx

  5. Love your hair! I´m groving my hair to be long. Usually when i´ve got it as far as now, I have cut it. But not now. I wish I had your hair! My hair has been blond, red, black and brown, short, long, bob, mullet, crop and almost bald. Maybe I should do a hair post would have a good laugh:)

  6. pastries and babies are just about 2 of my favorite things, ever! He's so cute! And your hair is SO pretty. Maybe you could just cut some of the length to see how you like it.

  7. I don't know why you don't like pictures of yourself. You're gorgeous!

  8. long hair bothers me too (mine is really bothering me right now, actually) but yours is the loveliest! i wish my hair had as much volume! mine's oh so straight and rather boring.

  9. Goodness girl you're not just talented and intelligent- you're beautiful as well.

  10. your hair is GORGEOUS, and so are you. i say don't cut it!

  11. What a beauty! I love your hair but I can also imagine it's high maintenance... Maybe you could layer it a bit first to see if it gets "easier"? I'm also growing mine so that's why I'm encouraging you to keep the length!

    Israel is such a cutie pie <3

  12. I'm the same way about photos of myself—but you are gorgeous! and your hair is absolutely awesome! Mine is so fine and thin that I envy your abundant locks.

  13. I'm in the same situtation as you with regards to your hair. I'm so stuck between wanting to cut it and let it grow out but right now my options are bun on the head!

    you should definitely post most pictures of yourself, I don't know what you mean when you say you hate the way you look in photos, your gorgeous and baby Isreal is too cute. I'm loving the scarf!

  14. I use to have really long hair but I cut it because I wanted so change so I understand you. You are really beautiful !

  15. Hey pretty lady!
    I used to have hair as long as yours (not curly, but suuuper thick) and since cutting it into a short bob, I haven't looked back much. I just get up in the morning, brush it, and maybe straighten some wild hairs, but that's all. No fuss.

  16. you are stunning lady!

    and you have my dream hair. long and wavy. i would never/ever straighten it ;-)

  17. Yum on the bread pics. I love my Japanese pastries...and basically every pastries available LOL

    And, you're a beautiful woman (you're v. photogenic) and your hair is insanely gorgeous. If I were to cut it, it's not going to be a 'chop-off.' Only a few inches, and while I KNOW you'll look beautiful too with straight hair, I think the wavy look makes you look like a Boticelli painting. Ethereal.

    How about braiding them? :)

    I totally understand the high maintenance of long hair--so I always cut my hair short too in Anna Wintour's bob style every time I feel it's too long...but I don't suggest that for you.

  18. omg your hair is amazing! don't cut it! it's super. i would give anything for gorgeous hair like yours. i have a baby boy too and know it's hard to keep up (i have very long hair too) but i think it's worth it. you look beautiful!

  19. I've been sporting a bun since my kids were born and it has definitely kept (the kids') food out of my hair, but it is NOT SEXY. Don't do a major cut, just try to find a way that you can wear your hair down without inviting Israel to yank on it. You and your husband will thank me.

  20. Lovely 'meeting' you! And thank you for your sweet comment on my post. You look beautiful, I am sure you will also look chic and beautiful in short hair but the long hair is just too gorgeous to 'chop off'!

  21. the hair but as a mum to a 3 and a half year old boy..and thinking what you have in store ;-)......
    my comments:
    I love shortish bobs (for lack of a better word for just above shoulderish hair length)..with fall & winter fashion...especially turtle necks....But ,I'd recommend
    (as I have naturall curly-read-uncontrolable locks....)to keep it long enough to always do a ponytail..hope that will post pix if you chop,yes?
    BTW your boy is Mr.supa-cutie-pie

  22. agreed! your hair is beautiful! I understand the desire to cut though, I did the same when my guy was little because he yanked on it so much! I say keep the long locks - with wavy hair sometimes shorter can be even more maintenance!!

  23. You and I have very similar hair actually. I always feel like 'well, it's wavy- what can I really do with it?' and then cut it off in a desperate moment of not wanting to wear a bun again. But shorter hair always ends up driving me even crazier- because it's still wavy and so what can you do with it, but now it lays kind of awkwardly and there is not enough hair to put up on those bad days. When you're used to wearing your hair up all the time, it looks strange to you to wear it down- but you really have beautiful hair. Wear it down more and see how you feel. Braid it when the baby pulls it!

  24. dont cut! I wish I had hair like yours.. mine was curly and is now trying to redefine itself leaving me with one big knot of something! the main reason I would not cut is that the shorter the hair the more difficult it is to get out of the way and it can take more time to get a good look with the shorter version...
    (love that scarf :))

  25. Love your hair, but I know how you feel, I always have the same problem, I let it grow and I like it and then I get bored and cut it, and then I miss my long hair, what can I do, haha. But is nice a change too.

  26. you've got gorgeous hair jenn! i'm horrible with hair (mine is completely style-less), so unfortunately no suggestions here.. maybe a trim to start off? it's hard not to pull your hair back with a baby around. mine is almost always pulled back. and i love israel's outfit -- he is too cute!

  27. You have BEAUTIFUL hair do NOT cut it. I cut my hair really short and really regretted, plus the short hair no maintenance is a total myth. Short hair was so much more work. But that's just me, and I have really thick hair so it just looked like a helmet unless i took toooo much time to style it. You hair is so pretty!
    I love your blog by the way

  28. you hair is beautiful as it is! but if you are overwhelmed with the thickness i think you should have someone thin it so you can keep the length, but not be overwhelmed with as much to maintain!

  29. your hair is too awsum!!! it makes me so jealous. thats what i always wanted on my head. you need to keep it. its too pretty. you should get it cut shorter if you are feeling a change but i would keep it below shoulder for sure. rock it with them curls.

  30. um... i think you need to review your photos again, because lady... you are HOT. sexy mama all the way!

  31. I agree with the others - your hair is gorgeous! On the other hand, I too have long thick hair (it gives me headaches sometimes, especially when I put it up) so I can understand the desire to cut it. So even though I think it would be a shame to lose all that beautiful hair, I've always thought Yasmin Sewell (who's hair texture is similar to yours) had cute, short hair. Here are a couple urls (sorry I don't know how to make links) with pictures of her:

  32. yay - so cool to see your photo on the blog! I've loved reading your posts about Israel. I vote keep the long hair - it's so feminine and full. Maybe a little highlight would cure your desire for a change!

  33. Hello, gorgeous! Oh I hope you don't cut off those gorgeous locks!! But I completely understand if you want to hack it off. I have really thick and wavy hair, too and I know how much of a pain it can be! Maybe just go get some of the weight taken out of it and you'll feel refreshed! That's what I just did- kept the length, and took out some weight on the tips. I love it.

  34. Firstly I saw the gorgeous pic of you and your gooorgeous long wavy hair..THEN I read that you were thinking of cutting it off! I do understand as having been a short haired girl my whole life I am now approaching the end of year TWO of growing it to acheive long tousled locks (like yours) before my 30th birthday. Maybe we could work out some kind of trade??

    Thanks for your endless stream of inspiration on have kept my blogging obsession alive while waiting for my blog to get its shiney new revamp!

    Cheers from the bottom of the world,

  35. you are blessed with gorgeous hair.
    leave it long and natural.

    Long hair forever,

  36. Your hair is beautiful!! I've always been jealous of black, curly hair. Mine is poker straight.
    Don't cut it!
    You can do beautiful braids and messy buns with awesome hair like that!


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