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random weekendness


Israel and I visited my favorite bakery today to pick up some Japanese pastries.
The one on the left is filled with ham and cheese and the second is a sweet coconut
roll. Israel ate a small cheese bread all by himself, he loves bread and since we're
still waiting for his teeth to show up, it's something he can eat all by himself.

The weather finally feels like Fall, thank goodness! I love the smell of Fall, and
just about everything that comes with it. Israel was able to wear a scarf for the
first time Friday, I had it made for him while I was still pregnant. He's also happy
to be wearing some skinny black cords and suede slippers. I love that boy!
I photoboothed myself to give you an idea of what I look like right this minute.
I almost never include photos of myself on the blog, something I plan on maintaining
for quite some time because I hate the way I look in pictures and only about twice
in my life have I liked a photo someone has taken of me.
Still, I thought it might be time to break the anonymity for just a day to talk
about my hair. It's getting pretty long and while I like the idea of long hair,
it's high maintenance. Most days it sits as a bun on top of my head, my husband's
least favorite look. You can see it's naturally wavy, so straightening it is a
major project and one that Israel doesn't like waiting around for. Should I cut it?
I've been pondering the idea for a while but the last time I chopped it off I ended
up hating it a month later. Not sure what to do...

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