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baby Zara


Zara, please open a webshop in the US, you could single-handedly outfit my
whole family!


  1. Oh lord, I would be shopping like crazy for my good friend's newborn little boy.

  2. I couldn't agree more!!!

  3. i love zara.
    everytime i'm in the store (kids/baby section) i get so dizzy:S
    i just want to buy they're whole line!

  4. I agree!!!

    I just visited Montreal where they have a Zara kids and came back with so many goodies. The shoes are especially delightful!

  5. i agree! the first time i visited a Zara in CA, i bought lots of cute little sweet things for my son. oh, and for me :)

  6. Its great this blog! very original and creative.
    I´ll follow your blog on a future ;D
    Kisses from Madrid

  7. agreed! same goes for H&M - we don't have one very close to my city in Cali. I went to an H&M in Norway, Sweden and Denmark when we were there over the summer. Can't wait to do some kiddo shopping when we go back for Christmas!!

  8. I wish these came in adult sizes too, i could soooo see my boyfriend wearing the cardigan and jeans from the bottom right hehe :) I love the way the outfits are photographed too so you can really see how all the pieces work together.

  9. nate received most of his fall/winter clothes from baby zara, can't wait to see him in them!

  10. you do realize they DO have a webshop online now? and you can buy those very clothes for kids?? it just launched in Sept or beginning of October.


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