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almost ready


Our little guy is about turn turn 1, actually it's exactly 8 days away!
My how the year has flown by. I had always heard parents say how fast time goes
once you have children and I now find myself saying the same. I'm looking forward
to his party, though I still feel like a have a lot to do, but I'm a little sad
about this milestone. Of course I'm proud that he's healthy and thriving and
has learned and grown so much but when I think about the first time I met him and
that unforgettable day, a part of me doesn't want time to move too quickly.
Oh, but what can I do other than be happy and enjoy every day as much as I can!
Here's Israel, eating a biscuit while reclining on a cushion. I like how he even
has his feet crossed. A man in the making.


  1. I love what you've done so far! yes, i know exactly what you mean about time going quickly. Baby Zion turned one eight months ago and i was amazed at how quickly we reached that milestone. Now, he's 18months and amazes me everyday. Love that pic of a cross legged Israel chilling and enjoying his biscuit. xx

  2. Soooo cute, look at him all relaxed. Adorable!

  3. He is so cute, God bless him : ), and yes they grow very, very fast, but is a wonderful experience.

  4. Happy birthday! Our babies are only a few weeks apart!

  5. Ahh it's going to be SO fun! I am so excited! This pic is waaay too cute! He's such a mini man!

  6. it does go sooo fast

    your party prep looks crazy fantastic!

  7. i know, it's so bittersweet. Lily turns 1 in november. time goes by so much faster when you watch someone grow.

  8. those tiny flags are so beautiful in that coral/pink :) the party will be lovely for sure.

  9. oh, those little crossed feet are so sweet, unbelievably so. happy (almost) first birthday, little man!! xoxo i totally understand how you feel nostalgic, and my baby is only four months old. i'm already pining for yesterday, it's so hard to want them to grow up but also stay the same forever :)

  10. this is a sweet little boy. i have the same feelings like you, my little babyboy or to say it real, little boy, turns one in a month... so bittersweat.... ;-)

  11. This little man is so sweet and I love love love his pose... what a serious guy! :) He is amazingly adorable! Hugs, Twiggs


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