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Our little guy is about turn turn 1, actually it’s exactly 8 days away!
My how the year has flown by. I had always heard parents say how fast time goes
once you have children and I now find myself saying the same. I’m looking forward
to his party, though I still feel like a have a lot to do, but I’m a little sad
about this milestone. Of course I’m proud that he’s healthy and thriving and
has learned and grown so much but when I think about the first time I met him and
that unforgettable day, a part of me doesn’t want time to move too quickly.
Oh, but what can I do other than be happy and enjoy every day as much as I can!
Here’s Israel, eating a biscuit while reclining on a cushion. I like how he even
has his feet crossed. A man in the making.
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