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How beautiful is this place? Very beautiful. I love those Franco Albini stools
and the windows lined with bookshelves, not to mention all the books as well.
More here and here.


  1. Just saw this home at Selby's the other is so beautiful.

  2. So lovely :) I especially loved the round 'puffs' - are those the Franco Albini stools you mention in the text?

  3. i loved the house aswell. i mean, everyone with style and money can have such a gorgeous house... but still. it was a nice break from the usual messy places on the selby.
    and her haircut is cute :-)

  4. I love it so much my heart hurts!

  5. I know, the stools - it's all about those stools. a friend of mine found one in a thrift store once for $40. i hope one day to be so lucky!

  6. I'm speechless. Every photo got dreamier.
    I Love the windows streaming bright light,
    while still being surrounded by an enchanting
    forest of trees....what I wouldn't give!

  7. love this home, the living & dining area are so perfect.

  8. What a nice house. But for me the carpet would be enough. The couch is nice too, but with this carpet I wouldnt need anything else. Where can I get it?!


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