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For all the functions of home, at the very least it should be a place of refuge, a place we go to escape the stresses from the day. After a busy day of work, commuting or whatever other activities keep you away, walking into your home should be like taking a breath of fresh air! Actually it should be literally this:, your home should be your sanctuary, free of pollutants and a place you go to escape.

My oldest son is very sensitive to allergens, so much so that many times a fit of sneezing leads to bloody noses at all hours of the day and nighttime. Since he was an infant I’ve looked for ways to make the air he breathes at home and in his room cleaner and easier to ingest. With two children I want the same for my daughter as well but with four people living in the house as well as a cat who likes to explore the outdoors, we each bring in a variety of different potential allergens into the house without knowing it.

This is why having an air purifier is so important to me personally, but it’s arguably also an essential for any home.


I have partnered with Molekule to test out their air purifier at home – high quality, beautifully designed, portable and minimal structure that is equally effective as it is attractive.
Using Photo Electrochemical Oxidation, Molekule works at a molecular level to eliminate pollution indoors. In addition, Molekule was designed to be energy efficient and easily controlled from the app so even though it is easy to transport from room to room, you don’t have to follow it around in order to control the settings.

After using the purifier for a little while now we’ve all noticed how quiet it is, blending into the background of our home in seamless and unobtrusive way.


The family, and more specifically my son, has noticed how much more comfortable he is able to be at home, breathing cleaner air. He hasn’t been sneezing nearly as much, which means (yay!) fewer bloody noses! It is so exciting as a parent to know you can ease a discomfort for your child like this.

*This post was sponsored by Molekule, all words and photos are by me.

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